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Escapade Sports Hong Kong offers 2Toms Anti Stink line of products which are specially formulated to clean and disinfect your sports gear and apparel without leaving any residue thus making it stink-free. No more smelly Gear.

2XU is an Australian technical performance sports brand whose goal is to provide the best equipment to athletes so they feel more prepared, more race ready and more capable. They constantly learn from the human body, sports scientist and other experts, athletes and coaches to produce world-leading products.

At Escapade Sports Hong Kong we offer Adidas products including Football, Hockey and Fitness gear.
Escapade Sports Hong Kong brings AQUIS Towels which are super light and absorbent thus making them quick to dry and perfect for taking along on the trail walking or other activities.

Escapade Online provides you with a comprehensive range of Asics shoes for road and trail running, triathlon and other sports. Browse through our range of this world renowned brand and feel free to contact us if you need any advice on which model is the best for you. 

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Escapade Hong Kong offers ATOne Bars which are made up of 100% raw ingredients, gluten-free, vegan and with no added sugars. Perfect for fueling your daily runs and activities or even great for snacking during the day.

Escapade Hong Kong offers Transdermal Magnesium sprays from BetterYou. BetterYou Transdermal sprays are made from natural Magnesium reserves. 

At Escapade Sports Hong Kong we stock Black Diamond Headlamps and trek poles. 

Black Diamond is a leading brand in terms of technology and materials used for this kind of gear. 

Escapade Hong Kong offers Bonk Breaker Bars helping you meet your daily Protein needs.
Escapade Hong Kong offers a full range of Bushman insect repellents. Bushman is a leading brand from Australia producing one of the Most advanced insect repellents available today.  Protects against  Mosquitoes, Sandflies, Ticks, Leeches, Sand Fleas, No-See-Ums, Marchflies, Horse Flies, Bird Lice.

Compressport is a Swiss brand founded in 2008. It is now widely accpeted as being amongst the best compression in the market whether being used in races or for recovery after. Over 500 professional athletes and 5 World Championship titles are testamount to the quality and effectiveness of the product.


When it comes to footwear each individual has different needs depending on a variety of factors such as choice of sport, budget, width of foot and levels of pronation. Escapade Online offers a huge selection of sport shoes. Please have a look at our range to find the perfect pair.

Hammer Nutrition offers a wide range of fuels and supplements for endurance athletes comprised of natural ingredients. Their range of products help you to sustain energy, increase endurance and effectively aid recovery. Hammer products an be used before, during and after activity.

Havaianas flip-flops from Brazil are available at all our stores in Hong Kong.

Available from 23rd March 2018.

Escapade Sports Hong Kong provides you with High Energy Organic Gels, Chews and other edibles from Honey Stinger. As evident from its name all Honey Stinger

products contain Honey and Non-GMO ingredients wherever possible. 

Escapade Sports Hong Kong carries Ipanema Flip Flops from Brazil in all our Stores. 
For 35 years OVERSTIM.s, French brand, based in Brittany, strives to meet the specific needs of athletes according to the sport, its duration and intensity with a range of high quality nutritional products.
Escapade Sports Hong Kong offers Para'Kito mosquito repellents which are made with natural ingredients.As Para'Kito is free of DEET or IR3535 it is completely safe for you and your family.
Escapade Hong Kong brings you the range of products from Pout Care which are specifically formulated for removing Chlorine and other impurities from your hair and skin after swimming.
Escapade Sports Hong Kong brings to you yet another renowned brand for Nutrition Products. We stock Power Bars Protein Bars and Energy Gels branded as Power Gel in a wide range of Flavours.

Protelicious in Hong Kong provides highest quality gourmet whey protein powder from New Zealand Dairy Farm, where the cows are raised in pastures and feed on grass - their natural environment! It helps muscle recovery and lean muscle gain and supports weight loss or weight gain.
Escapade Hong Kong offers Quest Bars helping you meet your daily Protein needs.

Escapade Hong Kong stocks another well known brand RID from Australia for insect repellents. Products from RID are formulated on DEET and have antiseptics so are good for before and after use. They repel mosquitoes, sand flies and other common insects found in tropical environments. 

Rugby has a very long history in Hong Kong from as far back as the 1870's. Since then a lot has been changed - especially when it comes to rugby equipment and clothing. Escapade Online stocks a wide range of the best rugby equipment - from balls, mouthguards, padding and boots to training accessories. Have a browse through our selection!

Running continues to be a growing activity in Hong Kong. In 2014 over 70,000 runners took part in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, which is the most important running event of the year. Whether you tackle Marathons or simply run for fun: high quality running equipment is critical to your well being and success. Escapade Online provides you with a wide range of running and fitness products in Hong Kong.

We offer best and largest selection of running shoes in Hong Kong. Featuring many well-known brands including Asics, HokaOneOne, Brooks and many more.
Escapade Sports Hong Kong offers another World renowned brand SIGG from Switzerland. SIGG bottles are made of Aluminium and are super light and durable.

Escapade sports Hong Kong is proud to provide you with range of Products from Thinkbaby.

Thinkbaby products are free of toxins and are completely safe for babies. 

Escapade Sports Hong Kong provides you with a range of Products from Thinksport. Thinksport Sunscreens and other products are toxins free and are completely safe for use.
Matching swimwear for big guys and their little nippers! Super-soft, UV-protected swimwear is fun and fresh, and  appeals to juniors and adults alike. It is beautifully crafted and bold colours with graphic motifs to create designs that always look and feel distinctly Tom & Teddy.

Despite the challenges of cycling in Hong Kong, Triathlon remains popular with clubs registering an increasing amount of new members. Triathlon and running events are organised throughout the whole season. Escapade Sports has specialised in triathlon and running since our inception building up considerable experience in this field. You can now benefit from this knowledge also on our online shop where you can buy a wide range of triathlon products.

Escapade Online Hong Kong presents another market leading brand providing foam rollers and massage tools.