Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Since December 2019 Escapade Sports does no longer offer plastic-based shopping bags. In case you've forgotten to bring your own bag, Escapade Sports offers you to purchase the "No More Plastic Bags For Me" shopping bag made from robust cotton, priced at HK$ 28 of which HK$ 12 will be donated to Plastic Free Seas to support their education and action campaigns about plastic pollution in society. 

Reduce Using Plastic Display


For the in-store design and decoration Escapade Sports will use environmentally-friendly materials wherever they're available.

Less Plastic For Logistics

Escapade Sports will work with their suppliers to reduce packaging by reusing cardboard boxes and relinquish the use of plastic.

Encouraging Old Shoes Donation

Escapade Sports has been collecting used shoes for over ten years. We are working with Hong Kong's Crossroads Foundation to make those shoes available to those who can't afford them.

For the benefit of our customers and our environment Escapade Sports will successively apply environmental-friendliness as a criteria when selecting new brands and products. We've already started:


Brooks Biodegradable Midsole

Brooks designed its new BioMoGo midsole to biodegrade 50 times faster than conventional athletic shoes. Traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in an enclosed landfill, extensive tests have proven that BioMoGo can biodegrade in roughly 20 years when placed in the same environment.

Brooks shoe box

Since 2009, Brooks have updated their shoe box to reduce its impact on the environment by switched to lighter paperboard that could save more than 12 million pounds of material. They used 100% recycled and recyclable materials, saving more than 465,000 trees. Also optimized shoe box dimensions, allowing them to ship 15% more shoe boxes per shipping container.

Brooks apparel

Brooks continues to prioritize fabrics in our apparel products that are certified to the bluesign® standard, which minimizes impact on people and the environment.

Brooks leather

Brooks requires all leather used in their products to be sourced from tanneries certified to the Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold standard, which ensures high levels of environmental performance, including in chemical management, energy use, and water treatment.


Reducing micro-fiber plastic use

Responsible use of chemicals


Vivovarefoot aims to use 90% sustainable materials across their product range and focus on natural, recycled and bio-based material.

Escapade Sports have sourced many non-toxic materials being water bottles to make sure our customers are safe & worry-free to use them.

Free Water

We'd like to encourage people to lessen unnecessary waste in the city. We set up free water dispenser at Causeway Bay branch to encourages people filling water for free with their own water bottle. It’s green and free!

No Plastic Pledge Among Escapade Group

Our team do not use plastic disposable bags/ water /bottles /umbrella cover/straws during work. We take our reusable container for takeaway meals or just dine in because we believe a little step could inspire big change.

We Support Racial Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Free Sports bra for Female Refugees

Escapade encourages all people to exercise to stay healthy, and we donated Shock Absorber sportsbra for female refugees through RUN Hong Kong.

Organ Donation

We hope to heighten public awareness of organ donation and encourage the public to register as organ donors.