CGEAR - Comfort Weave Sand Free Mat



Exclusive woven layers keep out sand, dirt, dust. Makes the best beach mat, picnic or park spot. Soft to use directly, or as a base layer for towel.

  • Dual-layer: soft on top, durable weave on bottom
  • Resists water, stains, comfortable on damp ground
  • Naturally non-absorbent, quick-drying mold-free
  • UV resistant holds up to sunlight, won’t fade
  • Folds up w/band around it, easy to store & carry
  • Patented technology, military-grade construction
  • Travel, camping, vacation & summertime essential
  • Great for sunbathing, outdoor yoga, stretching
  • More durable than a blanket, easy to use along with
Size Dimension

Medium: 5 Ft 1” x 6 Ft 6”, suitable for 2 people
Large:      6 Ft 6” x 6 Ft 6”, suitable for 4 people