GILBERT - Air Headguard

Large Boys


When rugby players take the pitch, trust is key. Not only in your team, but in a defense system that will support you from the first minute to the last. This can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why Gilbert along with the help of key international players has developed the new Air Headguard.

This lightweight headguard has been designed with key ventilation areas to improve airflow around the head to ensure players can remain cool with 100% effort.  

Clear vision is key during those big defensive periods of play and when you win the ball and can attack the space, the Air Headguard has been specifically designed for all head shapes with an adjustable fit for optimized comfort and security, to ensure it remains in position for the full 80 minutes.

The improved foam construction of the closed-cell foam+ padding provides excellent shock absorption in key contact areas such as the temple, whilst ensuring the vision is at its maximum. A deluxe lining has been added for moisture management and anti-bacterial qualities, vital for any player giving maximum effort.

Sizes available range from Small to Extra Large, so all players can experience the benefits of this elite headguard.

If you want the security and defense like Jake Ball relies on, you need the Air Headguard.