GILBERT - Junior Atomic X II Undershorts

Age 7 - 8
Age 9 - 10
Age 11 - 12


Gilbert has developed a top-quality pair of Thermo undershorts, essential for any player in the toughest of conditions. The Atomic X Thermo II Undershorts, with a double-sided fabric offering optimum thermal protection, assist with the circulation of body heat through the body with their compression fit.

The Atomic X Thermo II Undershorts are made with flatlock seams, perfect for athletes constantly moving, with chafing prevention, and to give the optimum comfort.

The Atomic X Thermo II Undershorts are available in adult sizes ranging from 2XS through to 3XL so all elite, club and school players have the opportunity to enjoy these comfortable and warm undershorts.

Available in color black, we have options to fit in with all kits so if you are wanting an essential garment to improve your play and comfort on the pitch, the Atomic X Thermo II Undershorts are perfect for you.

Composition: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane