GILBERT - X Gel Plus Mouthguard (Adult)



New for the 2020/21 rugby season, our X Gel mouthguard offers maximum protection for an affordable price.

This well-designed mouthguard provides ultimate protection thanks to a combined hard outer shell and soft feel gel inner layer, for outstanding comfort. 

The extra wall thickness construction minimizes trauma to the jaw and skull to reduce the risk of injury. Pre-contoured shaping allows the gumshield to be easily molded to the shape of your mouth and teeth, using the standard Boil and Bite technique.

The Easy Breath technology offers a built-in integrated breathing channel which combines with the high-performance polymer EVA construction to offer an optimum fit and comfort and ensures easy breathing and speech when wearing.

The X Gel mouthguard 3 offers maximum levels of protection, suitable for all playing levels from professional athletes through to club and school rugby players.