ULTRASPIRE - Big Bronco Race Vest ( Black/Red )



The Big Bronco Race Vest is a 12-liter pack built in collaboration with UltrAspire Elite Athlete and champion ultramarathoner Jeff Browning. The Big Bronco is designed to highlight all of the features of the Bronco race vest but with expanded capacity and accessibility. This vest has a total of 7 accessible pockets on the go and is capable of carrying 4 bottles and a 2-liter reservoir. While two of those bottles can be stored in front, our signature bottle-in-the-back Fluidic Holster System ensures access to the rear pockets is intuitive and easy. The rear pockets have a divider that helps to organize your gear and 2 large gussets add capacity. The main back compartment was designed to lay flat when empty while its 4-way stretch mesh can expand to accommodate a large capacity. A soft foam flare on the back serves as a guide, making rear compartment access easy. Z-pole attachments have been added and are accessible left or right-handed on the go, and these attachments can also function as compression for the Fluidic Holster compartments. The front harness features 4 pockets and the MaxO2 Form adjustable closure system. Like all UltrAspire packs, this vest features an ErgoFit™ design for long-term comfort. Available in 3 sizes.

Recommended Use:Versatile Pack utilized in any run scenario, training, or racing.


  • Lightweight, soft, breathable, but strong, UltrAcool Light Mesh.
  • Silicone and PU-coated feather-weight nylon fabrics resist water, abrasion, and tears.
  • Max O2 Form™ for unrestricted breathing while maintaining a stable pack. Uses a shock cord with good stretch for unrestricted breathing but also a good rebound on the stretch for a stable ride. Patent Pending.
  • Plush feeling micro-fiber polyester edges, soft and non-abrasive against skin and clothing.
  • Sweat-proof webbing—won’t absorb water or get saturated and heavy.
  • Safety stitched bar tack on all stress points.
  • Zig-zagged stitching over elastic for ultra-durability, increased stretch, and rebound.
  • Simple, fast, easy in and out bladder attachment.

Fit:  Unisex
Size(s): Small (35″-40″), Medium (38″-43″) or Large (43″-46″) Measure Chest Size
Color:  Pitch Black/Red
Hydration (not included):  Not Included
Bottle Compatible (not included):  UltraFlask 550, Formula 250, Human 20 oz 2.0, 2L Reservoir 2.0, or Collapsible Bottle
Capacity: 732 c.i. (12L)