ULTRASPIRE - Lumen 300 Sidekick Headlamp



The Lumen 300 Sidekick is the perfect secondary light to your UltrAspire 3D Lighting setup. This light features a zooming lens allowing you to toggle between spots or flood at outputs of 300, 105, and 62 lumens. You can also activate red or red blinking on this light. This light comes with Steadybeam to ensure your lumen output holds strong for the life of the battery. Another feature of this light is the built-in sensors allowing you the option to turn on/off the light by moving your hand in front of the unit, this feature can be left off if you so choose. The body of the light is built from a polycarbonate material for durability. The Lumen 300 Sidekick houses a rechargeable battery and includes a charging cable.

  • Rechargeable Battery (cable included)
  • High, medium, and low settings in spot/flood. Red/Red blinking is available
  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy band adjustment
  • Hands-free on/off available

Burn Time: 4-13 hours

Weight: 2.6 oz (74g)

Colors: Black/Gray


Low Weight™: Lightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.

Fatigue Free™: Intuitive settings, large buttons, and quick-release buckles. Easy operation for fatigued minds in extreme circumstances.

PerfectAngle™: Easily adjust up, straight, or down to suit your terrain. Illuminate your path while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.

Steadybeam™: Prevents eye fatigue by maintaining a steady lumen output that does not dim until the battery is very low.