Zone 3 - Women's Advance Wetsuit

Black / Blue


Building upon these already lofty foundation blocks, the latest edition of the Advance takes another huge step forward. Most notably, it now features the world’s highest-performing YAMAMOTO neoprene rubber. Still maintaining its modest price tag, the Advance wetsuit is the perfect choice for the beginner or intermediate swimmers looking for a comfortable and performance-focused wetsuit for training, racing or simply exploring the open water.

10 different materials are used in the Advance wetsuit, to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and durability whilst still maintaining a low price point.   And there are no nylon panels or external flatlock stitching, to prevent water entry and improve speed and comfort.


  • Brand New 1.5mm Yamamoto #39 SCS Free-Flex shoulder panel design provides high levels of flexibility, comfort, and efficiency with each stroke.
  • 16% weight reduction versus the 2020 model whilst still maintaining the same levels of buoyancy and warmth.
  • AQUA-X coatings are used to minimize drag and increase speed through the water.
  • Smoothskin fabric is used to prevent water from permeating the suit and weighing it down.
  • 4mm core support buoyancy panels on the upper legs help to keep the legs towards the surface of the water and therefore significantly reduce drag and fatigue.
  • High Visibility prints to help stand out when in the water
  • Slimline Pro-Speed cuffs offer superior removal speed.
  • The Laser Precision collar provides a comfortable ‘soft-close’ fit around the neck.
  • The Raglan sleeve panel layout offers increased flexibility to allow for greater stroke efficiency.